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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simple Stone Benches by Stone Forest

If you have a house equipped with a terrace garden, maybe you need a charming garden bench furniture like this. This garden bench is produced by Stone Forest, made of stone that has a simple yet modern impression. Stone used in making this bench using natural stone in the form of large stone slabs carved travertine and in a minimalist bench seat, so have the impression that the natural form, is very suitable to be placed on the terrace, the garden outside the house. Moreover, if placed around the trees, bushes or flowers your plantation house. This bench offers a beautiful natural stone, and manufactured in sizes 60 "L x 20" W x 18 "H with a thickness of 3.25" with contemporary colors silver and beige travertine that will add to the impression of modern outdoor patio or your garden.

source : www.homedug.com

The Dream of Beach House in Costa Rica

Do you envision a dream home on the beach? maybe for those of you who liked the beach so want to be able to stay in a comfortable seaside home. Here we want to show the edge of a slaughter house designs that may inspire you to design a comfortable beach house. This house was designed as a private house with 6 bedrooms dentgan custody by the Hermosa Palms in Playa Hermosa, Jaco., Costar Rica. The house is covered by large glass panels, allowing natural daylight and provide viewpoints freely off towards the shore, so the spectacular view outside the room can be seen clearly. The living room is the best spot to enjoy the surrounding view while gathering with some friends and family. Furnished by modern and high quality furniture, the house offers a small heaven for you to stay during your weekend or holidays. The house is divided into two volumes, the main house that contains four bedrooms and private bathrooms and the guest house that contains two bedrooms with bathroom. Featuring large infinity pool, mini bar, pool table, equipped kitchen, a movie theater cinema, two cars garage, laundry room, music system and many more, the house is a beautiful accommodation. For details info you can visit Airbnb.

source : www.homedug.com

Multifunction Furniture of Sogo

For those of you who have a high artistic soul, maybe this is the answer from a bench design unique furniture made from Siddharth Kambe. The design of this furniture are equipped with many functions that will help you save time and space. Furniture, dubbed Sogo is a modern bench that can function as a chair or desk and bookcase shelves for example, where a laptop, chess table, or a center table. Cool furniture is made of plywood which was formed in a simple and compact so it can be the perfect solution to fill your small apartment, or small room.

 source : www.homedug.com

Romantic Floor Lamp by Werner Aisslinger

Maybe you want a beautiful furniture concept which is used to fill the interior of your home? following we try to offer a design sensation of the floor lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger for Spanish companies Dab. This floor lamp design is very elegant and charming, very suitable placed in the living room, family room, living room or bedroom. Light produced by these lights are not intentionally designed with bright light, but able to illuminate corners of the room, so that the impact of this lighting effect gives a romantic atmosphere. This lamp is made with a solid color with an artistic decoration, and variety of style choices available in two sizes, 55, and 65 cm.

source : www.homedug.com

Lake Home in Switzerland

We'll show you a tastefully of a lakeside house design with a charming natural scenery. Walensee house is situated on the outskirts of Switzerland. Home design is simple but very elegant, and certainly very comfortable to live because it is located on the slopes of green pasture that allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area. This house was built with concrete material on its foundation so it is sturdy and safe. Beside that wood and glass are used as materials in the construction of this house. With a combination of existing material, designed a dwelling house which is very compact and thus blends harmoniously with the beautiful natural scenery. The design of this home provides an open living space with views out towards the surrounding landscape so that sunlight can enter to fill the entire interior. Covered by large floor to ceiling glass windows and sliding doors, the house looks bright and contemporary.

source : www.homedug.com

Beach House for Summer Holiday

Do you like the beach? maybe you have dreamed would like to have a house or resort which you can use as a holiday destination in summer? for that we'll show you a very attractive design that works from Jarmund / U.S. Vigsnaes Architects located in Vestvold, Norway. The project is constructed to be fully integrated to the surrounding environment. When we take a closer look to the house, it seems to be carved in stone and the overall design is showcased the beauty of the stone and wood in just perfect combination. Breathtaking view that is offered by the ocean is a value plus to the house design. The house is covered with Kebony wood that allows it to have a great durability to the exposure of salt water. The structure, foundation and roof blend together, creating a nice harmony with the surrounding. “The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoor areas, embraced by the house itself. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surrounding cliff formations. On the outer perimeter of terraces and pool, a glass fence also protects against wind, but allows for maximum view. “said the architects. 

source : www.homedug.com

Friday, October 22, 2010

Awesome Aqua Tower by Studio Gang Architects

Our spotlight this time is a high rise building architectural style is very creative. Skyscraper design is inspired by the natural beauty of water in the form of rock eroded from SAA Great Lakes created by Chicago-based architecture firm Studio Gang Architects. Tower located in Chicago was dubbed as a very eye aqua tower cathing with sophisticated exterior design that so fascinate the eye could see. Each level dilengkap building with small balconies, providing stunning views of the skies of Chicago.The architects could present a modern yet unusual design of building into a wonderful work of art. Enjoy the images below and tell us what you think about this awesome urban architecture.

source : www.homedug.com

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saucy Decorating Patio by OpenSun

Do you want something different from your home? maybe you want a terrace house which you can use as a place to relax while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and night with family or friends? Well if you want it, we try to give an idea to create extra space extra space to your home is used as a terrace. Designed by OpenSun, this stylish glass veranda will help you to extend the indoor space. This cool circular addition features floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide open. It is available in any size, which means it can be installed to suit your home’s size and of course your budget. This modern glass veranda is suitable to provide a relaxing space in your home for outdoor party or pool house. It can be used as an outdoor living room as well. With this contemporary glass veranda you will have a perfect spot to enjoy the garden or outdoor area, whether it is rainy, winter or sunny summer. Check more information about it in OpenSun.

source : www.homedug.com

Lighting Italian Design by Marcel Wanders

If you feel bored with your old pendant lighting, you need to see these surprising lighting collections. Brought by Italian lighting company Flos, the lamp is very gorgeous. Finished by famous designer Marcel Wanders, the lamp features beautiful  decoration right behind the shade. Dubbed the Skygarden and Skygarden Gold pendant lighting, these modern lamp is shaded with oversized semi-spherical item. The interior is the best part; it is finished with antique molding that will bring a new statement to your home. These architectural pendant lighting will look great above the kitchen or dining table. The Skygarden sure is a new focal point for any of your space. Check out at Flos for details.

source : www.homedug.com

Dining Room Lighting by Alex Scmid

Are you a fan of dinner at home? maybe for those of you who are busy and have a routine that high so it is very rare to have dinner with family at home. With this we would like to invite you to consider again that you try to have dinner at home with family. One way we are giving advice to you so that you redesign your dining room so similar like a fancy restaurant that appear attractive and inviting heart to be able to eat at home. Supporters of a design is to be like a restaurant is a light that illuminated the room to seem romantic. This lamp is designed flexibly so that it you can easily set what you want.You can set the lighting to be a single lamp or pull out those five reflectors and allow them to light up the room. This creative lamp allows you to adjust it in the way that you like but the density of the light will not change at all. This trendy Five Pack suspension lamp sure is a unique choice for your space. Manufactured by Ingo Maurer, the lighting is sold for £629.00 inc. VAT. 

source : www.homedug.com

Minimalist Bathroom by Calla Lily

Topics this time, we will discuss the design of the bathroom have been built by architect Oriano Favaretto inspired by Pretty Calla Lily. Collection of this design gives the impression of a modern minimalist curves that highlight the artistic and captivating. Flower-shaped white color, offers a contemporary touch that has not been touched on current trends bathroom. Both stand-alone bath in it with a distinctive shape, beautiful but not conventional with its own artistry.

source : www.homedug.com

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Palace with Classical Model for Your Child

Do you have children? if so, maybe you want to make a special room for your child, or for couples who may soon be having children, then the following design can make for your inspiration. This design was introduced by the famous firm Arcadia subdivision Colombini, focuses on the elegance of classical design. This design is perfect for boys or girls, bedroom design is distinguished by elegant furniture such as iron beds, cupboards katu, attractive tables and much more. In addition, the colors are served like green, blue, purple and pink to impress shade. The bedroom may not look like children's tastes, but very beautiful. Well now you waiting for? make a palace for your little easier right?

source : www.homedug.com