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Monday, February 28, 2011

The House on Kilrenney Avenue

Built in the Cheviot Hills of Los Angeles, California, the House on Kilrenney Avenue is a result of the collaborative efforts of IKONIKO and Becker General Contractors. Constructed using an existing one storey house built in 1960, the residence preserved the existing building’s exterior walls, floor slab and foundations, adding another storey and using contemporary materials to extend the house to suit the resident’s wishes and needs. The front part of the house received a modern appearance, while the backyard was properly extended to offer a space of relaxation. The initial structure of the house served as a base for the design of the residence. 12 feet frameless glass walls surround the living room from three sides, creating a panoramic platform offering views of the surrounding lush vegetation. A wooden platform on the kitchen ceiling hides the ventilation system. The next level of the home shelters the bedrooms and the master bedroom has its own terrace that opens in the backyard, offering the inhabitants a luxurious stress-free retreat.

source : freshome

The Kwok Hoi Chan Boxer Chair

Kwok Hoi Chan Boxer Chair stands as proof for great design. This re-edition of the classic 1971 Kwok Hoi Chan Boxer Chair begins to tell the story of a practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasant piece of furniture in a contemporary way. Brought into light by French furniture company Steiner Paris, the chair still amazes with its design: a chrome support system that leaves no room for mistakes and the radiant plush upholstered cushions. An innovative elastic suspension holds the comfortable nest-like seating area together, while elegant buttons offer the classic design an exquisite feeling of eternal design. Available in leather or plastic upholstery, the Kwok Hoi Chan Boxer Chair would make a great addition to any home.

source : freshome

DNA-Shaped Light Sculpture: The PirOLED from OSRAM

OSRAM created a contemporary, unique light sculpture that incorporates the newest OLED- and LED technology available. With its undulating, creative shape, the PirOLED resembles a DNA structure that merges perfectly with a modern environment. According to the designers, “OLEDs offer a wide spectrum of design possibilities which the PirOLED system translates into outstanding versatility: each of the 5 OLED light panels can be differently adjusted and provides optimal, atmospheric lighting. No matter what the environment, the glare-free light panels have an effect similar to candlelight, while the outstanding design is complemented by its valuable materials. With their innovative technology and their shape inspired by a pirouette movement, they create a new definition of light, showing what is possible in the future – today.

Created with a special technology, the PirOLED creates a relaxing atmosphere that will guide your reading or working schedule while shining a candle flame resembling light on any chosen surface. The innovative design and intelligent combination of OLEDs and LEDs make the PirOLED from OSRAM a necessary, contemporary addition to your home or working space. A warm white light complements the brushed aluminium frame and a set of thin discs can be individually adjusted to create the perfect mood.

source : freshome

Friday, February 25, 2011

Incredible Office Space Abundant in Light and Great Design

The PONS + HUOT Offices by French architecture practice Pottgiesser could be considered a contemporary equilibrated combination of styles for the headquarters of two companies, Pons and Huot. The space is compartmented into two horizontal planes, with a wooden platform that serves both as ceiling and as desk surface. Housed in a restored 19th century industrial hall, the office is supported by a steel frame covered in self-cleaning glass. A solid oak platform acts both as a working surface for the offices and as the ceiling for meeting rooms recreational room and restrooms located just below. The four lateral sides feature spaces for archives, cloakrooms and the kitchen. The unique organic arrangement serpents along the interior, creating separate office spaces with an intricate pattern. Transparent plexiglas domes delimitate each office space. Ficus panda trees with disguised planters offer the feeling of a luscious open space, filled with light and vegetation. (Photos by Luc Boegly)

source : freshome