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Saturday, February 5, 2011

6 Luxury Indoor Saunas Design

Sauna is an ideal choice to promote health and wellness in our home. We’d love to share 6 home saunas design that can be installed in the bathroom. The first design comes from Klafs that is dubbed the Biorhythm pre-built sauna. The below sauna is a Nordic tradition of sauna that is transformed into a modern style that is ideal for contemporary home. This designer sauna features organic lines of façade, rounded corners, a rhythmic pattern of slats and a leaf motif in the background. Meanwhile the interior comes with seats and formed by slats that is ideal for two. Experience a relaxing and refreshing spa in your home with this stylish designer sauna.

The second design comes from Tylo that brought a Scandinavian sauna that look ideal for your home. The Classic steam sauna features traditional natural blond spruce and glowing aspen wood, providing warmth to the sauna. This beautiful sauna looks very gorgeous both inside and out with benches and a contoured wooden backrest and safety glass window. This cozy and charming home sauna brings scent of the wood to your bathroom. The sauna also comes without the exterior paneling that is named the Classic Special package.

The next design is the Inipi Sauna that is produced by a German company, Duravit. The sauna is complemented with concealed technology in transparent design. Inspired by cleansing ritual of the Lakota North American Indians, the sauna comes with shower. This home sauna is designed in glass cabin that stands on a wooden frame and illuminated by LED strip lights, offering a relaxation and beauty of any bathroom. The Inipi Ama sure is a perfect home sauna and also a spacious shower area.

The Cube Sauna is multifunctional sauna that is designed by a young Northern European company NeoQi. The sauna features complex elements for enrich your relaxation experience; the Cube Sauna comes with invigorating chromotherapy, a Vichy shower and vibromassage and lot more. This luxury home sauna is very neat and compact, which make it ideal to be located against the wall or into a corner as well as in the middle of a bathroom. This stylish yet functional sauna will be a perfect complement for your room.

Produced by Effegibi, this stunning Finnish sauna is dubbed the Sky home sauna. It could blend function and fashion that features traditional elements such as a cedar enclosure and benches with glass ceiling and front panel. This new Sky sauna provides a sense of openness that will make you feel more relax instead of trapping inside a small and sweaty box. The sauna can be customized with decorative laser-cut wood panels for original design.

The last design comes from Kung Sauna that has been 30 years in this business. This contemporary Swiss sauna is combination of fitness, health and quality workmanship. This home sauna is designed to make you feel more relax, and reduce stress. Featuring a light and airy look, frameless glass doors and contemporary-style stove, this modern sauna is an ideal spot to refresh your body and mind. Complemented with cozy wooden benches, the Swiss sauna will recharge you after long hours of work. Visit Kung Sauna for details.

source : homedug

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