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Friday, February 4, 2011

Extraordinary Japanese Home Design

Designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, the below house is presented in extraordinary idea. The house belongs to a young couple in a calm village near Nagoya, Japan. Next to the site is old Japanese style home that houses their parents. The architect finished the house with traditional hipped roof in order to respect and harmonize with the surrounding neighbors. To allow the house maximizing the floor area, the architect designed it in pentagonal geometry plan. By applying the plan, this family home could get enough open space around it. This modern private home has five main structural walls, which allow the outside area becomes part of extension of interior areas. Just right in the center of the house, the radial walls were cut off in dome shape that is used to locate the dining table. The dining area is finished in high ceiling that allows the whole family to eat together while enjoying the garden view. Each side of the house is used to different purposes, such as bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. The house is mostly finished with wooden structure system with round corner in Japanese traditional white plaster. Large glazing is used to cover some part of the wall, allowing enough sunlight to fill in the interior. The private residence is designed in minimalist style with warm ambience of wood. [Photos by: Shinichi Watanabe]

source: homedug

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