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Monday, May 30, 2011

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design
Modern Interior Design
These modern interior design for home space with creative ideas. If you are planning to modern interior design in your home then you have to have a plan just like the professionals. Professional interior designers use the modern interior design software to plan a virtual design so the results can satisfy. With the help of software, you can know what you need, and how much cost to create modern interior design. Here are pictures modern interior design for home space with creative ideas for your inspiration.

Interior design is one of the newest trends in home decor these days. Beside Interior painting, Interior design is also an essential element. It create a magnetic & unique look of any room. Modern interior design is probably the most popular style among young professionals. Young professionals tend to love the interior design style because they can easily keep the area clean and easy to host parties. Less furniture, attractive color combination can really make a room magnificent.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration about modern interior design for your living room? If so you find the right sites, because today we post about modern interior design for living room. In the pictures, you can find a variety of modern interior design using modern furniture and equipped with a system of modern entertainment such as LCD Tv. Here are pictures about modern interior design for living room for your inspiration.

Modern Apartment Design

Modern Apartment Design
Modern Apartment Design
You may be wondering exactly what to do to make your flat or home. There are certain elements of design that need to be present to achieve the modernized look you ar going for. Modern flat design ideas consist of sharp and clean lines, certain fabrics or materials for furniture and of course the area being organized. The following design tips will help you to modernize your space efficiently. Take a look on this modern apartment design.

Clean: With modern flat design the area is very clean and organized. There is no need for clutter and everything will have a soothing, calming and restful feel. Your flat or home is your castle and should reflect as such. There will be a clean look but should also be unbroken clean and tidy. Nothing is worse than having great accessories and pieces to make up the modern flat but it is unkempt and untidy.

Spacious: Studio apartments even have the ability to look spacious, when set out in the right manner. Avoid excessively large furniture in small spaces that will crowd the flat and make it appear smaller than it actually is. Minimal furniture can be placed in rooms to make the room appear more spacious. Also furniture can be placed against walls and not in the middle of the room. These apartments are all about have space to walk around and also to look astatine everything that is on display. If the room is set out well, even the most minute pieces and details will be seen and comprehended by guests.
Glass: Glass is one thing that is commonly found. While traditionalists may prefer wood coffee tables and other pieces, a modern apartment will have glass pieces. Glass makes the apparent feel clean and bright. The sun reflecting off of or shining through the glass of various objects gives the modern apartment an aesthetic appeal. Colored glass can also be used to match certain color schemes throughout the room. The colored glass can be in contrast to the colors or match it and still appear modern and up-to-date.

Colors: Modern apartments can have a variety of colors depending on the individual’s taste. Some people prefer soft and neutral colors. While others prefer bold colors. With neutral colours an accent wall or accent accessories can be added to make striking difference that will still appear modern. With bold colors, they can be paired with neutral colors, another(a) bold color, or even solids.

Metal, Chrome, Stainless Steel: The contrast of the metal, chrome or steel with other colours provides a very pleasurable sight. These elements also appear very clean. The will also be very easy find in a variety of stores at reasonable prices.

The Gallery of Luxury Modern Home Design

Luxury Modern Home Design
Luxury Modern Home Design

Are you looking for any modern and luxury home designs? Here are the model of modern home deisgn. These modern home design pictures include; modern home design, modern home design pics, modern home design ideas, modern home design model. These modern home design will be very interesting for you who need a sample of comfortable home design and decoration. For more detail click at the image.
Luxury Modern Home Design
Luxury Modern Home Design
Luxury Modern Home Design
Modern Home Interior Design

Modern Homes

Modern Homes
Modern Homes
t is clear in these years of economical downturns around the world that the housing market has taken a bit of a beating. Indeed, those who bought houses that were simply too much for them ended up with something that was valued astatine less than the money they borrowed to buy it. This negative equity situation has sent people in search of a way to build a home but in a much more economical way and this could just be in the form of a prefabricated building. Modular home prices ar within reach of most of us and some people even use these as a second holiday venue or as a way to start a business right there in the back yard.

However, just by having a pre-built set up does not mean that we have to give up on style. Although it is commonly thought that these houses are rather boxy looking, nothing could be further from the truth these days. There are many designs promptly available for the buyer, but the manufacturers will alter and redesign the building to make it fit into what the customer wants.
Some people will want to construct a more traditional style place but this can take an inordinate amount of time and cash too. Difficulties in the finishing materials always appear to rear its ugly head just when the family may be looking forward to the move. Even delays due to inclement weather can add months to the expected finish date so it is important that people take this into account when they start the whole project.

Of course, the wonders of modern technology mean that these prefabricated houses ar simply bolted together in a matter of a day or two. Even those who have no construction experience merely have to use a screwdriver and a few other tools to finish the job. As long as the foundations ar professionally finished, the whole thing can be put up very quickly and can be tenanted as soon as the furniture is moved in.
Floor plans for these wonderful places are really easy to work out and it is really only the imagination which limits what can be done. Some people will even design the whole place themselves and then leave it up to the manufacturer to interpret these plans in a way that is satisfactory to both parties.

Those who ar extra clever will surely add in some other extra materials too like stone fire chimneys and breasts. This gives the whole place that look of sustainability which comes with the more traditional place but it really fools the eye since most of the building will be just bolted together.

Of course, since most of the materials are man-made, they ar extremely easy to take care of and resistant to pests which would normally eat through wood at an alarming rate. Those parts that are natural, like wood sidings etc, will be pre-treated in the factory so they should be safe right from day one.
source: moderndesignideas

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Awesome Residence of Hover House 2 by Glen Irani Srschitect in Los Angeles

The sample of this house design called Hover House 2, was designed by Glen Irani Srchitects and is located in Los Angeles, United States. This house has a unique design, but with the advanced functional aesthetics function therein. According to the architects, the house “is planned around the use of a fully developed outdoor living environment which includes a kitchen, dining area and living area. Hovering a large volume above the landscape eliminates the typical discontinuity between the front and rear garden areas and situates a built outdoor environment in the midst of a measurably larger feeling garden space. The blanketing roof is shaped to conduct softly gradient, reflected clerestory light while seemingly floating gently and protectively over the interior spaces“. Moreover, the Hover House 2 was built with sustainability in mind: ” PVC cool roof technology, high efficiency mechanical systems, window shading, sustainable wood finish and structural products and minimization of long term refinishing and maintenance are just several measures this project.” The interior design is highly contemporary, featuring intriguing furniture arrangements.

Tunggu Tah Kaya Ah? HAHA!

Tunggu tah kaya ah? HAHA!
Tunggu tah kaya ah? HAHA!

Bungalow Project was Built with Limited Time and Budget by SHED

A charming architectural project was built with strict time and budget are minimal by SHED architecture. With the remodel a few rooms and redesigning existing space, the project was successfully built on time and in accordance with a predetermined target. Long story short the project owner wants all integrated into one room. Suppose that between kitchen, dining room, bathroom into one place. Also in the main hall floor was made as widely as possible, so people can freely move therein. For that some decision was made to save on construction budget:

1. No changes were made to the exterior, so as to keep emphasis on the building interior. .
2. No major changes will be done on the existing pipe.
3. the clients would act as the general contractor with the help of a detail oriented architecture school grad who was a skilled and an experienced carpenter.

Here are some photos of the bungalow before the renovation:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Relaxation with Hedra Armchair

If you want a chair that is unique and charming, then you can try to follow the example of inspiration from a classic chair design that has been designed by Niu Studio Beverly Hills-based Nolen. The chair is named Armchair Hedra has three rings that will make people who use it to be calm, cool and full of relaxation. The craftsmanship of the Hedra chair is truly unique and its materials and dark color palette make it easily adaptable to a large variety of interior decors. The term “Hedra” dates back to ancient Greece and means “face of a geometrical solid”. This contemporary chair has a stunning silhouette which looks different from each of its six “faces”. According to the producers, the product comes with several different finishes, including Macassar, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Wenge, and White Oak. Have a look at the photos below and let us know what you feel this chairs design inspires.

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for your Home

Once you have chosen the couches and chairs for your living room, there is one piece of furniture that can pull the entire room together instantly, the coffee table. Coffee tables used to be a place to set your drink or to place a book, but in today’s interiors they are multifunctional, decorative, and often the focal point of your living room. From re-purposed barn doors, to sleek and modern, geometrical shapes, here are tips to choose the perfect coffee table for your home.

Make your other furniture envious: When choosing a coffee table, take into consideration what pieces of furniture you want to take main stage, and which pieces will play a supporting role. Coffee tables that have intricate lines, eye-popping colors, or look more like art than a table are sure to grab everyone’s attention. State of the art coffee tables can have lights, remote control capabilities, and even double as an aquarium! You name it; your coffee table can be the head turner for your interior space.

 Natural materials can make for a beautiful table: Coffee tables can be versatile and can be made from virtually any material. Natural materials such as rock, wood, cork and other organic materials make perfect finishes for coffee tables. When choosing the right finish for your home, consider the wear and tear from your family and children. Hardwoods perform well with little maintenance, but softer wood coffee tables can show scratches and also indentations from pens and other hard objects. Keep this in mind before choosing a coffee table.

Multifunctional tables are ideal in smaller homes: If saving space is a concern in your home, consider tables that serve more than one function. Many coffee tables have storage inside or underneath of them. Display area for collectibles and treasured books can be beautiful and functional. Ottoman coffee tables that can double as footstools, or nesting coffee tables that stack inside or below each other are ideal for entertaining large groups in a small area. If you’re trying to save money on furniture, consider using trunks, sturdy baskets, or venturing to a garage sale or thrift store to find creative coffee table alternatives to the pricey furniture stores.

 Your coffee table can be the source of your color: For many neutral color palette rooms, the coffee table is an ideal way to bring color and texture into your interiors. While your coffee table can be the accent of throw pillows, accent rugs, and furniture textiles, consider what other colors exist in your space. Take color cues from artwork, decorative sculptures, and wall color already in the space. When choosing a coffee table, these factors will help you decide how much color you want to introduce.

 Coffee tables can be the main attraction in your home, as well as the blending element that makes your interiors coordinate. Before rushing out to get your coffee table, measure your space, and how much room you need to maneuver between your existing furniture. Remember, your coffee table should compliment your space, not overbear it.  Once you decide on a coffee table, end tables are next!