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Monday, March 7, 2011

The $3,200,000 Penthouse Apartment for Sale in Stockholm, Sweden

The following apartment is a duplex penthouse that  diferent by other. Becaused this apartment is the result of renovation of an old building that had existed before 1907 was located in Stockholm, Sweden, and then redesigned by the architect to be used as an apartment dwelling. This old building in the magic into a bright and vibrant building. Maybe many people  desire own this building include your . Although the building is sold, then you have to move to Stockhom, Sweden, in addition you have to buy it for $3,200,000, whether it the price is quite competitive? With a price of $ 3,200,000 you can have a luxury apartment in area of 2.260 square foot area which lux, so you can enjoy the comfort to stay with your family and entertain your important guests in it

source : freshome

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