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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simply Home designed by Velocity Studies Okazaki in Japan

We will try to show a building design house located densely populated residential area in Japan. This house was designed by Velocity Studies Okazaki. Even though the house was built on a tight site, surrounded by three other buildings, the architecture plan of the three-storey dwelling ensures “pockets of open space” and beautiful views of the nearby mountains. The home can be characterized by a strong indoor-outdoor connection achieved through asymmetrical voids in the walls which let in plenty of natural light. Seen on Designboom, Montblanc House features an eye-catching exterior design, due to its playful inclined roof, an intriguing architecture detail. The interiors are airy and spacious, enriched by a fresh small garden located on the first level, outdoor terraces and intriguing pieces of furniture. How do you think ? Simply delightful ?!

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