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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Modernization of Ancient Buildings in Western Spain by Ricardo Elizondo

Here is a classic design, where buildings are located in Extramadura this is a century old heritage building -12. Former building an oil mill was originally built by the monks Jeronimo century  -12 in the  West Spanish. Today this ancient building was rebuilt in memory of its historical value. For that to not change its historical value, then an architecture named Ricardo Elizondo given the responsibility to meet the demands of their owners. Architects tried to recreate a habitable room with not abandon the concept of buildings that had been abandoned two decades ago. We can see in the concept of the photographs below, it became clear some room concept with ancient walls as the original. By showing the thick brick walls of the room so it can look natural ingredients of an ancient building. This concept makes natural lovers will feel amazed and perfect. Colorful materials give the place an inviting touch, while iron and steel elements make an intriguing contrast with the old brick walls. Vintage furniture is aesthetically mixed with modern wooden items and paintings liven the heavy atmosphere. We absolutely love seeing old buildings having kept their architecture in such a creative manner, don’t you?

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