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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Energetic Dream Home on The Coast

For those of you who want a dream home with an energetic and bright shades, here we will show a design house that designed a Tiburon Bay arisitek Armsden Butler. The house lies the coastal area, presenting a beautiful sea view and clearly visible from inside the room of the house. Expanse of sea is visible from the kitchen, lounge, porch, or bedroom. Why is called design-energy home? yep,,, because in every corner of the room of the house was touched by the rays of sunlight, making every corner of the room to be bright even without the use of lighting during the day. The use of electricity and hot water, using solar power here, so it can be called an eco-friendly home design. Although this house is a recycling process or the process of continuation of existing buildings, but between the interior and exterior design is very compact and harmonious without removing all pre-existing buildings such as the foundation of the house, and retaining walls. Part of the exterior design, there is a bridge that serves as a liaison between the garden and the house, besides as a problem solver steep place.

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