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Monday, January 2, 2012

Custom Kitchen Island for Perfect Kitchens

Custom Kitchen Island
Custom Kitchen Island
 Custom kitchen island have more storage, the demands placed upon kitchen space make the addition of an island an important, almost necessary element, thanks to the flexibility in what the island can be and contain. It's easy to design your own kitchen island, Firstly, you can searching for many kitchen island gallery and picture, put one of the best and suitable with your house, and start to design your own kitchen.

Firstly, Begin by choosing the look and type of material you would like to work with, including stock cabinets, molding, toe kick, glazes, feet and corbels. The stock cabinets may have to be trimmed down so that the height of the cabinets is the same.

After cut stock cabinet, you can then add beadboard panels. Beadboard panels add texture to the unfinished side of the cabinets, Nail the beadboard to the base cabinet so that it accurately lines up with the front edge of the two wall cabinets, flush with the front of the beadboard. When nailing beadboard, make sure to nail into the grooves so as avoid haing to fill in nail holes.

After that, Add the Toe Kick and Oak Wrap. To fasten the cabinets together, drill holes and screw in 1¼" screws, Add in the other sides for the toe kick. Carefully spread wood glue to create a stronger and longer lasting bond (Image 2), then nail the toe kick into place.

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